Beware Of Consumables Fraud When Buying Printing Equipment

When making any purchase of significant value these days, it is wise for buyers to check all aspects the purchase before making payment.


Failure to do this can result in not be getting what the purchaser thought they were paying for. Worse yet, to use the new item the buyer may need to spend much more money.

This warning applies to anything consumers purchase but especially computer equipment and the normal peripherals such as printers, speakers and consumables.

An excellent case in point is sale of printers that use cartridges, toner or ink to produce the printed product the equipment is purchased to produce.

Imagine a consumer yearning to get back home or to work. They want to use that new printer in order to complete an essay for school, or project for work. Even though they were in a hurry, they checked the box and accounted for all accessories. Everything looked good. They asked the sales clerk or printer specialist if toner is included with the printer. They were advised that the printer does come with the first toner cartridge.

The payment is made and the consumer leaves the store.

That consumer was just ripped off for a lot of money.

How did it happen?

They were in a rush and did not ask the right questions. Yes the printer comes with a toner cartridge, but that cartridge is possibly not even half-full. Worse yet, it could be recycled toner or ink incorrectly injected into the ink or toner cartridge. Toner and ink like that has a high probability of being contaminated.

Worse case, the new equipment could be damaged­ by the recycled toner or ink.

There are a lot of should have, could have and would have things anyone could say to a consumer in that situation.

The only point is this. Consumers should never trust the sales clerk or helpful geek squad personnel to be on their side. The responsibility is that of the consumer alone. Even if the seller out and out lies, it is just one persons word against another.

This is why consumers need to go through all the steps for operation, as if they were back at home or office. They must sure everything is ready for full operation. That printer is probably authorized to make over a thousand printed copies and the consumer was ready to go to work. They needed to ask, and get in writing, how many pages can they be expected to print with the toner provided.

Be wise, be smart take all the time you need. Consumers have the right to get what they pay for. They should walk out if they smell a rat in the woodpile.


wednesday, october 20. 2021 - (week 42)