Public School Governance

Public school governance is essential for a culture in which the ultimate expectation for future generations is that the children will eventually be able to maintain and improve society.

Public schools establish the intellectual, communal, and even moral climate for the future of the nation. Public school governance must exist in a pragmatic fashion so that these institutions can provide the utmost in education and investment for the future of our nation, though this pragmatism cannot exist without a philosophical grounding. Educational practice is complex because of the necessity of this philosophical applicability, but that is why school boards exist.

Public school governance has many different functions and responsibilities, but the overall governing structure of a public school institution is typically the same. There is are members of a board who act as a sort of congress for the public schooling district. Because public schools are governmentally funded, part of the board's responsibility is to manage the funds and ensure that federal and state laws are maintained within each school.

The most authoritative governing force is the federal government. They regulate the basics of how schools should operate and educate. Underneath the federal government, each state also has certain regulations which all public schools must adhere by. Within each state there are districts, and these districts have boards over them to regulate how each school within the district should function. Again, it is these boards that cause public school governance to be what it is. These boards, constantly assess, improve, maintain, and regulate the institutions within their district.

The key to a successful school board is to have educated, proactive members who are able to admit to flaws in the system. Board members must understand that a system of education involves more than just educational material and supplemental activities, but that public schooling institutions provide the moral and disciplinary foundations for the nation as a whole.

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